Empowering Children with EFT: Overcoming Sunday Night Blues

by | Sep 15, 2023

As the weekend draws to a close, many of us, especially children, experience a sense of unease and anxiety that often accompanies the impending return to school. Commonly known as the “Sunday night blues,” this phenomenon can negatively impact a child’s mental well-being and hinder their ability to embrace the new week with enthusiasm. However, there is a powerful and accessible technique that can help alleviate these challenging emotions – Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). In this blog, we will explore the concept of Sunday night blues in children and how EFT can empower them to overcome these feelings and approach Monday with greater positivity.

Understanding Sunday Night Blues in Children

Sunday night blues refer to the feelings of anxiety, stress, or sadness that emerge as the weekend draws to a close. For children, this can be a result of various factors, including separation anxiety, academic pressures, fear of social interactions, or simply a dislike for routine and structure. These emotions can be overwhelming, leading to challenges in falling asleep, a lack of energy on Monday mornings, or even more arguments at home.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

EFT is a set of stress-reduction techniques that works on a somatic level with the body. It involves gentle tapping on specific acupressure points while focusing on specific emotions or thoughts. EFT helps to transform challenging emotions and reduce stress levels thereby engaging the rational, thinking part of the brain, paving the way to move forward more comfortably.

Ellie’s Story

Ellie’s mother contacted me for help with her daughter as I was her school counselor. She was 10 years old and was fine all weekend until Sunday. As the day progressed, she started to become more agitated and argumentative with the weight of returning to school the next day. I met with Ellie one time and that was all it took. We used EFT on her worries that were showing up on Sunday afternoon and I taught her how to use tapping for herself. When I checked in with her the following Monday, she was all smiles and ready for the week.

Empowering Children with EFT

  1. Creating awareness: The first step towards alleviating Sunday night blues is creating awareness and acknowledging the child’s emotions. Encourage them to express their feelings openly, ensuring they feel heard and understood.
  2. Teaching EFT basics: Introduce EFT to your child as a simple yet effective method for managing emotions. Teach them acupressure points such as the side of the hand, the eyebrow point, under the eye, collarbone, and under the arm, which they can tap gently while focusing on their emotions.
  3. Tackling specific worries: EFT can be tailored to address specific worries related to the upcoming week. For example, if a child is anxious about an upcoming test, write down a list of the reasons why they are worried about that test and guide them through tapping a round or two on each reason, one at a time. “Even though I feel worried about my math test on Wednesday because…, it’s ok that I feel this way”.
  4. Bedtime routine: Incorporating EFT into a child’s bedtime routine can help ease Sunday night blues. Spend a few minutes tapping along with your child on acupressure points as you help them unwind from the weekend and prepare for a restful night’s sleep. Tapping on yourself will help you, too!
  5. Reinforcement and reflection: Encourage children to reflect on their Sunday night experiences after employing EFT. Ask questions such as, “How did tapping make you feel?” or “Did you notice any changes in your mood?” This helps reinforce the positive effects of EFT and fosters a stronger connection between the technique and their emotional well-being.

Sunday night blues can cast a shadow over a child’s weekend and impede their enthusiasm for the impending week. By empowering children with EFT, we equip them with an invaluable tool to address their challenging emotions and anxieties. Through this practice, children can regain a sense of control and approach Mondays with a greater sense of calmness, resilience, and optimism. EFT provides an accessible and powerful solution that every parent should consider when nurturing their child’s emotional well-being.

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